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Hi, it’s Greg, 

Giving up control of our listings was the single biggest mistake in business history. But we still have time to correct it.
The only question is: Would you forgo one night out to defeat Zillow… to have our own “official” website, the only online portal where Realtor listings appear, where ONLY YOU appear next to your listings?
Learn more below and PLEASE complete the critical two-question survey at the end.   
NAR won’t protect us.
When I started the Stop Zillow movement 65 days ago I was furious. I could see that Zillow’s introduction of Instant Offers was a devious move to capture home sellers before they call us.
The Stop Zillow petition was my (our) plea to NAR to act. It’s become clear that NAR  won’t take action. It’s pointless to grouse about it. We need to act ourselves.

It’s now or never and we have a plan! We need to take action NOW. Continuing to moan and groan about Zillow will accomplish nothing. Eventually the anti-Zillow firestorm will subside as all flames do… unless they are fueled by a goal. We have that goal and a solid plan.

The plan is a Zillow-alternative website and marketing WE control. 
I’ve devoted every day for the past two months (and over $50,000 of my personal funds) to develop a plan to take back control of our listings, something we should have never given up. It involves a world class website and the most powerful marketing message ever in real estate.

(Read below for our anti-Zillow plan.)

Instant Offers is Zillow’s checkmate strategy. 
Zillow is where most buyers start looking for homes, but it is not where sellers look for listing agents. Zillow wants to change that. This is explained in Zillow’s Secret Plan.Zillow recognizes that because sellers call us first, it is vulnerable. If we pull our listings, Zillow is dead. They hate that.

Instant Offers is designed to attract sellers to Zillow before they call us.If we let Zillow become the go-to website for home sellers, before they call us, Zillow will own us. Entrepreneurism in real estate will die. That is what Instant Offers is designed to achieve. Think it can’t happen?

Zillow co-founder, Rich Barton, decimated travel agents. 
Travel agents didn’t see it coming when Zillow co-founder, Rich Barton, launched Expedia. Don’t doubt that he has the same plan for us. If you don’t pay Zillow for leads (or join Zillow Realty) you’ll be out in the cold.

Instant Offers is performing as Zillow predicted. 
Instant Offers is generating tons of seller leads for Zillow agents in the test markets of Orlando and Las Vegas. When Zillow goes national with millions of dollars in television, print and Facebook advertising, urging home sellers to check out their Instant Offers before they call you, they will. Then Zillow will position its pay-for-leads agents to take those listings away from you.

Zillow is holding back on the national rollout. 
Sources report that Zillow is purposely delaying Instant Offers’ national rollout until the Stop Zillow furor dies down. It makes sense. Going national with Instant Offers now would create more of an industry uprising, perhaps causing us collectively to pull our listings off Zillow in one fell swoop.

We must not relinquish control.  
Venture capitalists have expressed high enthusiasm and serious interest in funding our plan. But there is a catch, we would need to give up control. And that defeats the purpose of our mission- TO TAKE BACK CONTROL of our listings and our business. This needs to be a Realtor-owned, Realtor-managed website, directed by a Realtor leadership committee.

Crowdfunding is the solution.  
The best path is clearly to crowdfund the website and national marketing so we remain in control. Funds raised will go into a segregated account to be used for website development, marketing, and employees to run the business.

Will enough Realtors forgo one dinner out?
If every Realtor in America gave up just one night out and contributed $100, that would be $120 million, enough to kill off Zillow in a matter of months. Even if just one half or one quarter of all Realtors contribute $50—$100, that is still sufficient start-up capital. Are you in? Let me know HERE.

Remember, we have an ace in the hole. Once we get buyers going to our website (easy with the right message and enough money for a few months of killer national marketing), we can pull our listings from Zillow. That’s it. Zillow is dead.

The rest of the plan.  
After we’re up and rolling, we will elect a Realtor leadership committee to guide the operation. An IPO, as Redfin just did, may be in our future.

I’ll match the first $100K.   
I will match the first $100,000 in contributions to demonstrate my commitment to make this happen.

The technology is there. 
I have received hundreds of emails with suggestions for the website. I’ve read every one. Be assured, our website will be spectacular. The technology is already developed. It’s easy to replicate the best features from Zillow’s and Redfin’s websites (two of the best out there).

The key is marketing.
I can’t disclose it here, but the business model and marketing message we have developed will rock the real estate world.

The only question.  
Will enough Realtors give up one night out and contribute what they save ($100, $50, $25) to take back control of our listings and our business? Our plan depends on it. Again, I will match the first $100,000.

So many of you have asked how you can help. Here it is. 
If we crowdfund, will you contribute? $100? $50? $25? Let us know in this two-question survey.

I will send you the poll results.
I am sending this email to all 41,000 who signed the Stop Zillow petition. When we tabulate the responses, I’ll let you know the results. 

Time is of the essence. We need to act now to smoke Zillow, take back control of our listings, and save entrepreneurism in real estate. 
Greg Hague, The Real Estate Maverick


Sign up above for early access to try the new website. It should be ready in a few months.

You will also have the option to participate in advisory polls that influence website design and functionality.

This will be a REALTOR-MANAGED WEBSITE designed for one purpose… to flood you with buyers and sell your listings.

Together let’s take back control of our listings and our business.

It all begins now!

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41,742 signatures

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“Zillow has such nerve to do this when we made them the brand they are.”
Paula C.
“Why isn’t NAR taking issue with this?”
Hugo V.
“Zillow are corporate criminals – they must be stopped!”
Leah M.
“Zillow is going to make Real Estate Agents go the same way Travel Agents did: extinct.”
Tony B.
“Better late than never. Let’s organize and destroy Zillow before they destroy us which is obviously their intent.”
Theo E.
“Zillow steals from Realtors. I have been angry for years, so glad the petition exists. Tell us how we can help!”
Bernadette M.
“Zillow was absolutely worthless when we recently sold our home. Trulia was worse. The two services, owned by the same company, had the price of our home with over a $500,000.00 difference in price. OVER A HALF MILLION DOLLARS! Their model is horrible for buyers and sellers alike.”
Mark P.
“It almost seems that they are sabotaging us making us look bad to our clients on purpose. I will do anything I can to curtail the power they exert over us.”
Nancy S.
“I agree with you. I have been complaining for years that the board of Realtors local and national have sold all our rights to large corps like Zillow and the only people that are rewarded is our representatives not the people who have built Real Estate.”
Michael O.
“Zillow are corporate criminals – they must be stopped!”
Leah M.
“Agents spend thousands with a company trying to bring on the demise of the Realtor.”
Dan F.
“Zillow has deep pockets and a business plan as evident by their acquisitions. You are RIGHT ON… this will be devastating for Real Estate Agents.
Gail D.
“Thank you for your commitment to fighting Zillow. It’s greatly appreciated.”
Renee N.
“They truly are criminals that need to be stopped, sooner than later.”
Scott B.
“Malfeasance at its best. Lock ’em up!”
Maria B.
“We need to do something about them before they take over our industry.”
Suzie B.
“How refreshing it is to find someone that not only believes they are doing evil but is also doing something about it!”
“Zillow is working very hard to put agents out of business… selling me leads for the listings I provide to them for free. It’s a great business model for Zillow.”
Susan L.
“Not only are Zillow estimates notoriously inaccurate, but they seem to be attempting to destroy the real estate industry.”
Frank D.
“I have recruited my entire team to join the movement.”
Jamie S.
“GOOD STUFF, I totally agree. This is good for consumers. I will keep my listings off Zillow.”
Jeff B.
“Zillow takes your leads and gives them to very few select agents, who pays them the most. They are super corrupt!”
Carey M.
“If Realtors do not step up, Zillow will take over.”
Frank G.
“Zillow is a monopoly. They think they run and rule real estate.”
“I love the idea of our own MLS.”
Brenden S.
“We voted today to stop syndi-cating to Zillow as an office.”
Anthony V.
Keep up the good work and never give in to Zillow.”
Hava S.
“Zillow’s incorrect pricing, inaccuracies, and manipulative ways have got to be stopped!”
Daniel L.
“Without Zillow Realtors could again make a living and gain control over our industry.”
Ken H.
“You know you’re doing some-thing right, if you’re getting attention from the opposition!”
Angela H.
“Thank you for what you are doing… we MUST stop them!”
Darlene P.
“Thank you, Greg! This should have been stopped years ago. The fact that realtors are paying for leads from their own listings is crazy!
Kathy M.
“Zillow is tarnishing our name in the sake of deepening their pockets! It is just a disgrace how far they have come and that they have the nerve to start this instant offer program.”
Angie W.
“I see the writing on the wall. Zillow will buy up every local MLS one by one and we will all be out of business!”
Penny S.
“A founder of Zillow extinguished travel agents. He’s trying to do it to us.”
Teresa H.
“Zillow should cease and desist ASAP or our days are numbered.”
Barbara C.
“We might be too late to stop Zillow from controlling the entire real estate market.”
Slava S.
“Thank you so much for fighting for all of our families. I pray that God will bless these endeavors!”
Brian E.
“Let’s bring awareness to Zillow’s hidden agenda! Inspire everyone you know to sign the petition.”
Cathy G.
“Awesome! We are with you!”
Lisa P.
“This is about taking back control of our industry.”
Sandro N.
“Another way to gather seller leads for Premier agents.”
Michael S.
“I am ready to help. What can I do besides sign the petition.”
Alexander F.
“We need to keep up the pressure!”
Chuck F.
We need to set up our own MLS otherwise we will always be at Zillow’s MERCY. KEEP ON FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!
Alexander F.
Thank you for your work-I really appreciate what you are doing to help our industry.
Charlie M.
Thank you for all you are doing towards the cause and my job!
Heidi C.
Why are we paying Zillow? It is like asking the fox to watch the henhouse.
Marla K.
Pretty amazing push for one guy. Thanks for being THE Maverick.
Jeff S.
My father used to use this saying: “Don’t ever let your left hand know what you’re right hand is doing”. That’s EXACTLY what Zillow is doing.
Patrick R.
Zillow wants us eventually out of biz and them in our place…that is the true end game.
Ed C.
I always knew they would try to replace us.
Debra S.
I am seriously contemplating pulling all of my money out of Zillow completely.
Tammy W.
Bless you Greg. I signed will share on social media. Thank you, keep pushing.
Michelle B.
We also must stop all Realtors from paying Zillow. No money, no business.
Amy P.
Enough is enough! They are getting our potential clients (leads) and selling them back to us. Ridiculous! NAR should have had taken control of Zillow years ago.
Veronica S.
Zillow’s full intention is to hurt our industry and potentially put us out of business. Not to mention how this will hurt the consumer!
Patrick R.
Thank you for getting out there and in Zilllow’s face.
Donna H.
I am sharing this with every Realtor I know.
Helen R.
I don’t understand why NAR allows Zillow to bully its members around.
Dante E.
We need to take control. We work hard and pay to market our listings so Zillow can just freely get all the information from it.
Vricia C.
Zestimate is a joke as well. They are not a service to help people.
Kurt P.
Keep the pressure on NAR to admit they have dropped the ball on this one.
Craig S.
Zillow is killing rural America Real Estate Brokers/Agents.
Julie F.
Finally we are taking the bull by the horns
Brad C.
I have always detested Zillow.
Suzanne D.
If we allow Zillow to ever hold all the cards we’re doomed.
John K.
Thank you!!!
Ellen K.
Thank you thank you for what you have been doing. I’ve been sharing the website all over social media.
Carrie S.
I have been telling everyone your idea!
Christine S.
Keep up the good fight!!
Beth M.
Ready for the next step. I am “all in”!
Alexander F.
Need to get Zillow off the map.
Rivka V.
Thanks for doing this…At least now they will know they will have a fight on their hands!
Shameka S.
I copied and pasted this message to every Facebook group I am a member of. Good luck!
Todd R.
I have always despised Zillow and have always known it is bad news.
Maria V.
Signed the petition!
Joe S.
We need a significant change! Zillow has taken the talent of hard working top professionals, like myself.
Kimberly W.
I am in!
Larry H.
I’m in!
Krista L.
Greg good stuff you have here!
Tim R.
I am in. Let me know how I can be of help!
Vivica V.
Zillow is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Dana P.
If I can assist in any way, I will gladly help!
Nat W.
Count me in! If we stick together…we’ll put our flag at the TOP!
Tina Marie D.
I am in!
Jeane L.
I have already signed the petition, and hope to finally Stop Zillow!
Tarra W.
I’m in whatever you need.
Tina C.
I am in 100%!
Alex F.
I support the StopZillow movement 100%.
John O.
Time for a change! Please share the petition for everyone you know!
Awni and Chantell A.
Great job!
Alexei P.
Please do not stop, the ball is rolling….
Simon B.
I look forward to this fight!
Ulises V.
We would never consider selling our home on Zillow.
Joe S.
Shameful, but mostly shame on us for allowing it.
George D.
They screwed themselves when they changed to auction style advertising.
Mike O.
I signed the petition, and had many others sign it.
Ron V.
“Either we stop Zillow or they stop us!”
Martin Z.
Glad everyone is beginning to see Zillow’s real plan.
Kevin M.
Zillow is not servicing anyone but themselves.
Jay V.
We need to ban together and STOP giving them our listings.
Cindy S.
Thanks, Greg. I’m on board with stopping Zillow.
Fredia H.
I LOVE what you are doing! YES, a Realtor-owned national MLS. This is a no-brainer, and needs to happen.
Dennis C.
Keep up the good work. I am forwarding your email to as many agents as I can!
Janet E.
Realtors need to wake up! We need our own MLS owned by US!
Susan W.
Zillow is an animal that is aimed directly at us to truly stop realtors in our tracks and put us out of business. I wish more people like you took it seriously.
Barb G.
Thank you. Enough is enough!
Paul S.
Thank you so much for looking out for all of us and putting your time and energy into this.
Nancy K.
Keep going! Thank you.
Rich J.
Thank you so much for what you are doing.
Laurie V.
Thank you for fighting for us Greg!
Heidi B.
Awesome! And thank you!
Carol B.
I quit Zillow yesterday!!
Karen M.
I am with you Greg! Spreading the word!
Cliff C.
Stay strong, Greg. They do not scare me…I wish I could scare them!
Scott M.
You are right. Love the National MLS idea.
Craig M.
I’m in. They are stabbing us in the back.
Anthony Z.
I signed the petition and agree with you, we do the work and Zillow takes credit. I will do everything to stop Zillow.
Daniel P.
Thank you, I love it and back you 100%.
Jason D.
I signed the petition. Hold their feet to the fire.
Marvin S.
Understand Zillow’s end game and realize that they are hoping to eliminate our role in the transaction, or deeply cut our commissions. Time to wake up people!
Abraham F.
Friends don’t let friends get Zillowed!
Amy R.
We can unite and fight back… Count me in!
David H.
Let’s go Greg!
Cary M.
I’m in!
Cheryl W.
I’m in!
James H.
Would love to contribute.
Josh Z.
I’m in.
Roberta N.
Count me in.
Jan B.
PLEASE … the way to help is to share and collect signatures on the petition!
Spring C.
Zillow is cutting our industry off at the knees, and Realtors are suckers for letting this happen. We need to stop the assault by Zillow on homeowners.
Dennis C.
It is so wrong, it really makes me angry. Spread the word and let’s take back control of this industry.
Mary A.
Zillow is EVIL.
Marvin S.
Count me in.
Jonathan W.
Definitely count me in!
Jennifer D.
Absolutely, I want to support in any way that I can.
Brian Z.
Count me in! I am happy to contribute in any way needed.
Charlene R.
Count me in!
Damon G.
STOP SUPPORTING ZILLOW. This has to stop with agents. Get up and fight!
Hannah W.
We need to maintain control of OUR industry.
Rob T.
Count me in Greg. And thanks for taking up the cudgel on behalf of all of us in the field.
Richard D.
Count me in!
Susan W.
Count me in to help in any way I possibly can! Ready, willing and able!
Sarah M.
Let’s make this happen.
Carol M.
Zillow has always been bad news! I will stand up FOR Realtors and the American Consumer!
Maria V.
I have been speaking out about Zillow from the beginning with their fake Zestimates and artificial influence. Time to take our content back.
Gary D.
I have never ever ever liked Zillow, they totally mislead clients in many aspects.
Fernando L.
I am with you!
Elena C.
Years ago I also saw these Zillow agent conferences going on and knew they were headed this way.
Joseph F.
The “Uberization” of the Real Estate Sales process. If there is a slam dunk algorithm – this is it – just ask former Travel Agents, Taxi Driver’s Mall Retailers and Jeff Bezos (He really Knows).
Tom M.
How can I help?
David D.
Starve the Beast!
Neil S.
Greg, It’s about time. I’ve got my sleeves rolled up. How can I get involved?
Nicole W.
I’m in. Let’s take back our listings.
Shawn H.
We need to find all the Real Estate Agents, Homeowners and Buyers who have been damaged by Zillows’ Zestimate.
Lee K.
Whatever it takes. Let’s go!
Bill H.
I am in!
Eric H.
I’m glad I signed this petition. Keep up the good work.
Susan F.
I’m all for your cause.
Arnold B.
Keep up the fight. Thanks.
Michael H.
Thanks, Greg!
Gina S.
The Public NEEDS to be educated that Zillow is NOT The God of Real Estate.
Joseph S.
Thanks for doing this Greg.
Charlotte K.
It is unfortunate that the NAR cannot stop this. Thanks for doing what you are doing.
Cynthia K.
This is been my soapbox for years. No one would listen. Now we are in trouble.
Angela C.
I warn folks, but this is what they need to hear.
Jean W.
I am so angry about all of this and have been for years.
Eve O.
There just needs to be a STOP to Zillow. Agree…Sooo past due!
Barrie S.
Well done, happy to help in other ways.
Rinat G.
Zillow has hijacked the industry and realtors’ livelihood.
Lucie O.
Zillow zestimates has played havoc with us in the mortgage industry.
Wesley B.
I share this with clients who believe in Zillow, and ask them why? Why do you think they are reputable? And they just think it is because they are so BIG.
Carole P.
Spot on!
Lee P.
I’m in!
Daniel S.
Zillow is pushing every envelope.
Nick R.
I think you hit the nail on the head!
Les K.
Your strong voice eases my frustration, since even way out here, Zillow negatively affects our lives.
Deborah S.
I like the idea of a Realtor run MLS!
Sharon O.
Thank You for all your work on Zillow.
Patti W.
Zillow is not helping our industry.
Jackie S.
Unbelievable. I’m interested.
Bruno V.
I’m on board!
Hank M.
I’m trying to involve every single person that I know!
Completely agree!
Delia R.
Thanks for all you are doing.
John B.
What can I do to get involved in taking control of the fight to save our livelihood?!
Amanda B.
I’m in!
Gunilla E.
Thanks for your time and effort.
Ken C.
I’d like to thank you so much for the work that you are doing.
Phyllis K.
Thanks for your time and effort.
Gwen V.
Let’s make action.
Boris G.
I warned fellow agents about Zillow from the get go.
Joanne T.
Keep up the good work.
Patti W.
Thanks for enlightening me on Zillow.
Trevor S.
Zillow and StreetEasy- time to show them the door.
Maria B.
I agree!
Chuck B.
Greg, we need more Realtors like you. Let’s stop Zillow!
Robert H.
Zillow should be charged with false advertising.
Jim M.
Count on my support!
Charlie S.
Many don’t grasp what the endgame is here, and are taking the easy money to help with their own demise!
Rob G.
Count me in!
Lisa D.
We can stop it if we band together.
Patrick W.
I am in total agreement with you!
Cindy M.
I completely applaud your awareness and effort.
Bill S.
I greatly appreciate all your efforts and hard work.
Petra R.
We definitely need to stop Zillow.
Edward E.