If you are in real estate, don’t ignore this. Without your sellers, Zillow wouldn’t have buyers. That makes it vulnerable. So Zillow developed a plan to take your sellers away… and direct them its way. If Zillow succeeds, it will own you. 

Zillow just introduced a program called “Instant Offers.” It’s being tested in Orlando and Las Vegas before it rolls out nationally.

Consumers give Zillow info on their home to receive a quick offer. Sounds good, until you dig deeper.

Offers are from investors whose business is buying low and selling high. Sellers pay an 8%-9% “service fee,” which includes no help from a real estate professional.

Zillow knows few sellers will agree. The price is too low and the cost is too high.

Zillow doesn’t care if sellers accept. Its goal is not to help sellers sell, it’s to snag those sellers before they call you.

Zillow’s big weakness is that homeowners call you when they decide to sell. Zillow may have the buyers, but you control the listings that attract those buyers.

Without your listings, Zillow is dead. Zillow hates being dependent on you, and is determined to change that.

Instant Offers is designed to attract sellers before they call you. Zillow will then try to influence those sellers to list with a Zillow agent… instead of you.

Zillow has powerful tools to influence sellers. For example, it could say Zillow agents have access to more buyers because Zillow agents are displayed next to more Zillow listings.

See the irony? Zillow uses buyers it acquires from your listings to help its agents take listings from you.

If Zillow is successful, it will own you. So what’s the solution? Let’s build an alternative to Zillow, a website that we control.

I wrote the petition to request NAR’s help with Zillow. That likely won’t happen, and Zillow wouldn’t stop if it did.

The petition is now a signal to the investors we need. It’s proof that there is industry support for a Zillow alternative website.

Your signature is a vote for an alternative to Zillow. Let’s build a website designed to sell your listings, not take listings away.

Please sign the petition. Your name will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

Warn the public. Urge consumers in your market to read this: Zillow’s Secret Plan

Greg Hague
Real Estate Attorney, Broker, and Huffington Post Writer.

** Zillow co-founder, Rich Barton, decimated travel agents when he launched Expedia. Don’t let him do it to you. Please sign the petition.

** Redfin just filed a $100 million IPO to combat Zillow. Imagine an industry controlled by Redfin and Zillow. Your choices: Take a salaried job or pay ransom for customers. Please sign the petition. 


The undersigned respectfully request that NAR:

1. Recognize Zillow’s Instant Offers as an intrusion into real estate brokerage by an unlicensed firm.​

2. Recognize that Zillow’s Instant Offers damages homeowners who may unknowingly sell to sophisticated investors for less than full value and without advice from an attorney, Realtor or appraiser.

3. Recognize that Zillow’s Instant Offers demeans the role of a Realtor by encouraging home sellers to deal directly with buyers.

4. Demand that Zillow discontinue Instant Offers or risk losing Realtor listings and advertising.

Submitted by concerned homeowners, appraisers, attorneys and Realtors.

[your signature]

40,680 signatures

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“Why isn’t NAR taking issue with this?”
Hugo V.
“Zillow are corporate criminals – they must be stopped!”
Leah M.
“Zillow has such nerve to do this when we made them the brand they are.”
Paula C.
“Zillow is going to make Real Estate Agents go the same way Travel Agents did: extinct.”
Tony B.
“Better late than never. Let’s organize and destroy Zillow before they destroy us which is obviously their intent.”
Theo E.
“Zillow steals from Realtors. I have been angry for years, so glad the petition exists. Tell us how we can help!”
Bernadette M.
“Agents spend thousands with a company trying to bring on the demise of the Realtor.”
Dan F.
“We need to set up our own MLS otherwise we will always be at Zillow’s mercy.”
Alexander F.
“Thank you for your commitment to fighting Zillow. It’s greatly appreciated.”
Renee N.
“Zillow is working very hard to put agents out of business… selling me leads for the listings I provide to them for free. It’s a great business model for Zillow.”
Susan L.
“Not only are Zillow estimates notoriously inaccurate, but they seem to be attempting to destroy the real estate industry.”
Frank D.
“Zillow takes your leads and gives them to very few select agents, who pays them the most. They are super corrupt!”
Carey M.
“If Realtors do not step up, Zillow will take over.”
Frank G.
“Zillow is a monopoly. They think they run and rule real estate.”
“I love the idea of our own MLS.”
Brenden S.
“We voted today to stop syndi-cating to Zillow as an office.”
Anthony V.
Keep up the good work and never give in to Zillow.”
Hava S.
“Zillow’s incorrect pricing, inaccuracies, and manipulative ways have got to be stopped!”
Daniel L.
“Without Zillow Realtors could again make a living and gain control over our industry.”
Ken H.
“You know you’re doing some-thing right, if you’re getting attention from the opposition!”
Angela H.
“Thank you for what you are doing… we MUST stop them!
Darlene P.
“A founder of Zillow extinguished travel agents. He’s trying to do it to us.”
Teresa H.
“Zillow should cease and desist ASAP or our days are numbered.”
Barbara C.
“We might be too late to stop Zillow from controlling the entire real estate market.”
Slava S.
“Thank you so much for fighting for all of our families. I pray that God will bless these endeavors!”
Brian E.
“Let’s bring awareness to Zillow’s hidden agenda! Inspire everyone you know to sign the petition.”
Kathy G.
“Awesome! We are with you!”
Lisa P.
“This is about taking back control of our industry.”
Sandro N.
“Another way to gather seller leads for Premier agents.”
Michael S.
“I am ready to help. What can I do besides sign the petition.”
Alexander F.
“We need to keep up the pressure!”
Chuck F.
We need to set up our own MLS otherwise we will always be at Zillow’s MERCY. KEEP ON FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!
Alex F.
Thank you for your work-I really appreciate what you are doing to help our industry.
Charlie M.
Thank you for all you are doing towards the cause and my job!
Heidi C.
Why are we paying Zillow? It is like asking the fox to watch the henhouse.
Marla K.
Thank you so much for fighting for all of our families. I pray that God will bless these endeavors!
Brian E.
My father used to use this saying: “Don’t ever let your left hand know what you’re right hand is doing”. That’s EXACTLY what Zillow is doing.
Patrick R.
Zillow wants us eventually out of biz and them in our place…that is the true end game.
Ed C.
I always knew they would try to replace us.
Debra S.
I am seriously contemplating pulling all of my money out of Zillow completely.
Tammy W.
Bless you Greg. I signed will share on social media. Thank you, keep pushing.
Michelle B.
We also must stop all Realtors from paying Zillow. No money, no business.
Amy P.
Enough is enough! They are getting our potential clients (leads) and selling them back to us. Ridiculous! NAR should have had taken control of Zillow years ago.
Veronica S.
Zillow’s full intention is to hurt our industry and potentially put us out of business. Not to mention how this will hurt the consumer!
Patrick R.
Thank you for getting out there and in Zilllow’s face.
Donna H.
I am sharing this with every Realtor I know.
Helen R.
I don’t understand why NAR allows Zillow to bully its members around.
Dante E.
We need to take control. We work hard and pay to market our listings so Zillow can just freely get all the information from it.
Vricia C.
Zestimate is a joke as well. They are not a service to help people.
Kurt P.
Keep the pressure on NAR to admit they have dropped the ball on this one.
Craig S.
Zillow is killing rural America Real Estate Brokers/Agents.
Julie F.
Finally we are taking the bull by the horns
Brad C.
I have always detested Zillow.
Suzanne D.
If we allow Zillow to ever hold all the cards we’re doomed.
John K.
Thank you!!!
Ellen K.
Thank you thank you for what you have been doing. I’ve been sharing the website all over social media.
Carrie S.
I have been telling everyone your idea!
Christine S.
Keep up the good fight!!
Beth M.
Ready for the next step. I am “all in”!
Alexander F.
Need to get Zillow off the map.
Rivka V.
Thanks for doing this…At least now they will know they will have a fight on their hands!
Shameka S.
I copied and pasted this message to every Facebook group I am a member of. Good luck!
Todd R.
I have always despised Zillow and have always known it is bad news.
Maria V.
Signed the petition!
Joe S.
We need a significant change! Zillow has taken the talent of hard working top professionals, like myself.
Kimberly W.
I am in!
Larry H.
I’m in!
Krista L.
Greg good stuff you have here!
Tim R.
I am in. Let me know how I can be of help!
Vivica V.
Zillow is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Dana P.
If I can assist in any way, I will gladly help!
Nat W.
Count me in! If we stick together…we’ll put our flag at the TOP!
Tina Marie D.
I am in!
Jean L.
I have already signed the petition, and hope to finally Stop Zillow!
Tarra W.
I’m in whatever you need.
Tina C.
I am in 100%!
Alex F.
I support the StopZillow movement 100%.
John O.
Time for a change! Please share the petition for everyone you know!
Awni and Chantell A.
Great job!
Alexei P.
Please do not stop, the ball is rolling….
Simon B.
I look forward to this fight!
Ulises V.
We would never consider selling our home on Zillow.
Joe S.
Shameful, but mostly shame on us for allowing it.
George D.
They screwed themselves when they changed to auction style advertising.
Mike O.
I signed the petition, and had many others sign it.
Ron V.
“Either we stop Zillow or they stop us!”
Martin Z.